About Us

Jaddi+ Group traces its roots back to the early 1990s when the Wanandi brothers identified a prospecting opportunity within Indonesia's evolving food and beverages landscape.

Recognizing the shifting demographics, characterized by a growing population, urbanization, and the emergence of a middle-class segment, the brothers embarked on a journey fueled by their passion for culinary experiences.

Founded with a vision to enhance culinary enjoyment, Jaddi Holding emerged as the catalyst for innovation. In 1996, the company introduced its inaugural venture, Dcrepes, revolutionizing the crepes market by democratizing access through affordable pricing and widespread accessibility. Today, Dcrepes stands as Indonesia's foremost crepes brand, boasting over 150 outlets across 12 cities.

Building on this success, Jaddi+ Group expanded its portfolio in 2004 with the launch of VIN+ Wine & Beyond, catering to wine connoisseurs seeking an elevated dining experience. This marked the company's foray into the lifestyle segment, setting the stage for further diversification.

In 2009, Jaddi+ Group ventured into business-to-business operations with Jaddi Foods, offering ready-to-eat and ready-to-serve products crafted to international standards. Additionally, the company entered the import and distribution sector in 2010, specializing in wines, spirits, Japanese Sake, and Korean Soju, fostering a culture of wine appreciation in Indonesia.

Over the years, Jaddi+ Group has sustained growth through the introduction of diverse brands such as AWkitchen, SAKE+, Ambroze, The Tasting Room, Botanica Dining Jakarta, Padang Bana, Pokeshacc, and Glou Wine & Bistro. This strategic expansion has solidified the group's position as a prominent player in the food and beverage industry.

In 2022, recognizing the need for cohesive governance and collaboration, Jaddi+ Holding was established as the corporate umbrella for all group entities, united by shared values of authenticity, quality, and innovation. Rooted in the commitment to fostering a sense of belonging at every life stage, Jaddi+ Group remains dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services, driven by a team of passionate individuals.

To be the foremost leader in the Food and Beverage industry, setting the standard for delivering uncompromising quality while offering unparalleled value.
To continually introduce innovative and original concepts, all underpinned by the highest standards of product quality and service excellence. Aspire to create an environment where everyone can indulge in exceptional culinary experiences, transcending mere consumption to immerse in the extraordinary.